I am a self-taught artist, certified teacher, and practicing school psychologist.  A New York native, I currently live and work at my home studio in Guilford, Connecticut.  

My work emphasizes the old-fashioned rituals of making - gathering, cutting, piecing, weaving, hand sewing, embroidering, knitting, and crocheting.  Old, forgotten, and discarded objects and ephemera have a social history, and I deliberately use these materials to explore human relationships and our connections to things and to each other. 

An intense area of focus has been the single use plastic bag – why we love it, how it has changed our lives since its inception, and its resultant effects on our environment. Recent projects have included crocheting marine animals threatened by plastic pollution, and large-scale depictions of planet earth coping with global warming and climate change. I’m currently exploring how man-made and natural materials intersect in a series of works titled The Nature of Plastic.

I blog as Marsha Makes at marshamakes.blogspot.com.

Contact: Marsha@marshamakes.com